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Cemetery in need of tender loving care

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CLAYTON TOWNSHIP – Township officials say they’re going to pay more attention to the Bendle Cemetery.

“It needs to look as nice as possible,” said township Supervisor Chris Gehringer. “It shows respect for our community, the bereaved and the families who visit.”

Gehringer said he received complaints about the dandelions after a recent funeral at the burial grounds on Beecher Road near Seymour Road.

He said the grounds keepers, Montrose-based Larko’s Lawn Care, mowed the cemetery before the funeral, but the dandelions popped back up.

Gehringer asked the Board of Trustees to consider spraying for weeds.

“The cemetery had a lot of weeds and dandelions,” he said, adding, “a lot of trimming and mowing needs to be done.”

The dandelion issue has pretty much corrected itself by now, so the board has a little time to consider its options.

Gehringer said the township will seek bids for spraying, as well as tree trimming and removal.

The cemetery was established in the early 1800s. The oldest burial record dates to 1819.

The township pays $250 monthly to a sexton, who puts out flags and rights headstones that have toppled over.

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