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City renews FANG membership

SWARTZ CREEK — The City Council has voted to spend $7,850 to maintain its membership in the Flint Area Narcotics Group.

The city has been a member for 15 years and has had an officer assigned to the unit for eight years. Dues are based on the member community’s property values and population.

Mayor David Krueger said that the city has at times recouped the cost of dues in forfeiture monies. Last year, FANG did not have enough forfeiture to disburse funds to its members, said City Manager Adam Zettel.

Krueger said it’s still worth the price of dues.

“It costs so much to investigate (drug cases),” he said. “It saves us a lot of money to have (FANG) do it rather than our police department.”

“It’s like an insurance policy,” said Councilman Michael Shumaker. – L.R.

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